You Don’t Have To Live With Foot Pain

by Justin

By Justin Proctor, C.P.O., L.P.O., featured in the Medina Gazette January 2013

In the twenty three years I’ve been an Orthotic and Prosthetic specialist, the most frequent problem I’ve encountered is foot pain and the suffering it causes. Being so common, you may have experienced this yourself or know someone who has. Feet take a lot of abuse as they are the foundation of our bodies. They will support 1½ times our body weight while walking and support significantly more when using the stairs, exercising or when having an active day filled with household chores or shopping.

There are numerous reasons for painful feet such as high arches, diabetic conditions or flat feet. The most common condition is heel pain, which is most likely Plantar Fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a bundle of connective tissue that gathers under the heel and then fans out to each toe. It can become inflamed by some sort of trauma, but most likely just happens over time. Another common condition is Metatarsalgia or ‘pain in the balls of the feet’. This can occur when the bones in our feet are not being properly supported or cushioned. People diagnosed with diabetes are also commonly afflicted with painful foot conditions due to this disease.

Fortunately, there is help for these conditions in the form of custom-made total contact arch supports and proper fitting high quality shoes. After being in business in Medina since 1996, I have recently expanded my office to include a full line of comfort shoes available to everyone. Unlike your average shoes which are designed for mainly style and quick sales, a good pair of comfort shoes are built to deliver more cushion and support for your heel and arch. They can be a great relief for anyone’s feet.

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