Customized Orthopedic Shoes & Inserts

Orthopedic Shoes: Why Proper Fit Matters

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic foot, ankle or hip problems, you already know how uncomfortble every day tasks can become. Unfortunatley, swelling, pain and risk of further injury are associated with many com,

The Right Shoe Can Make All the Difference

Once you You might notice that better heel and arch support also helps to lessen chronic foot pain. Ankle support is also more rigid compared with conventional shoes, and you’re less likely to roll in proper orthopedic shoes. Finally, general foot cushioning and support will help to make walking easier for you.

O & P Services specializes in custom diabetic, orthopedic, and comfort shoes for children and adults. We also offer custom-made foot orthotics (inserts and arch supports).

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